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80% of Business is "Mindset".


For Constantina Bessiris, life has always been an exploration; a search for the heart of true happiness and along the way, she found the seeds of suffering that hold us back. In a childhood of monetary and geographical instability, she found her motivation to search for financial fortitude, as a withdrawn and ponderous teen she found the drive to seek out joy, through a high-flying corporate career she found the desire to search for depth and during her long six year wait to conceive her first child, Constantina found her purpose.

Brimming with vibrant optimism for all the wonders that life has to offer, Constantina’s first step of transformation is to light a fire of enthusiasm beneath you. She’s seen the struggles of life, she understands first-hand the indisputable necessity of self-compassion and self-nourishment as the essential foundational elements of a successful and upward existence.

She understands too the ‘big-picture perspective’ – that we are the sum of our life balance not just the bank balance!

As Author of the upcoming book “Happy In 9 Minutes” TM, with a 12 year history in personal development - 7 of those facilitating transformation in senior managers and business leaders worldwide using her renowned “3 Empowerment Spheres” TM methodology - Constantina has a unique ability to find the root of what’s holding you back and gently assist in letting it go. Drawing on her expertise in project management, business analysis, customer support, Theta healing techniques to reprogram the unconscious mind to serve, not enslave and as a trained Strategic Interventionist,

Constantina’s reputation as one of the most effective international transformation coaches in Australia is evident: in the abundant creativity, innovation and boundless energy that sheencouragingly assists her clients in finding within.

"Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose." Dr Wayne Dyer