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We create amazing results for Business Leaders.
80% of Business is "Mindset".


Mindset Master Systemx400Is your mindset disempowering you?
How is your mindset affecting your business?

Your mindset will either make you:

  • Rich or Poor
  • Confident or “Anxious”
  • Fulfilled or Empty
  • Feel Connected or Lonely & Isolated
  • Feel Abundant or Scarce
  • The bottleneck to every business is its leader.

Constantina Bessiris, CEO and Founder of Inspiration Strategy, has been in the Personal Development industry since 2003. Her years of experience as a Mindset Transformation Coach for Business Leaders and her previous role in Corporate Management, Sydney, Australia has re-energised Business Leaders to excel in their companies and their personal lives.

“Every journey begins with a decision”™

If you want a better business, you must begin with yourself
If you want better relationships you must begin with yourself

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you”™

What is one decision you will make for your business today?
What is one decision you will make for your personal life today?

Our Clients Results:

  • Clarity
  • Feel Stronger
  • Confident
  • Exciting Vision
  • Outstanding Results

The best decision you will make for yourself and your business today will be to choose Inspiration Strategy for your Mindset Transformation Coaching

Learn more by calling Constantina Bessiris on 0411 36 5954

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